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"Super Producer" Official FL Studio Project Template

This is the official project template of Super Producer WHOISJBEATS.

This is for anybody looking to SAVE TIME making beats. It's also for those who feel like their projects are disorganized. This level of organization and guidance will increase your workflow tremendously! I've even added some EQ, stereo spread, panning, and more mixing elements to the tracks to start off your mixing job.

It contains...

  • Note guides
  • Organized channel racks
  • Organized mixer
  • Everything color coded
  • All channels routed to mixer tracks
  • Pre EQ on selected mixer tracks
  • Panning and stereo separation on tracks
  • Instrument Bus
  • Drums Bus
  • Reverb Send
  • Delay Send
  • Open FX Sends
  • Playlist Structure Help
  • Playlist hook/verse markers


Watch the video below to see how to install this template. You must have the FL Studio DAW.

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